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How to Get the Best Medication Management in Leicester

Do you need help with medication management near you in Leicester? Monitored Dosage Systems are intended to make your medication management more accessible. Let us make sure you never miss your meds again, with a visual reminder of whether the doses have been taken. Keep reading to get your convenient aid for dosage management today.

What does Medication Management include?

The medication management system helps you manage your medicines, authorised through the local joint commission. 

All the medical staff involved in medication management are registered.

A patient’s usual GP will then receive documents highlighting what actions have been taken relating to any medication.

Hospital discharge paperwork can be analysed in terms of medication management to reveal any inconsistencies between medications. For instance, a pharmacist will flag any changes to a patient’s medication if they are not present on their paperwork.

Who is responsible for Medication Management in Leicester?

The team for medication management consists of your pharmacists, who oversee repeat prescription administration and medicines management.

The team also provides urgent care support.

The medication involved in the management framework is inspected on a monthly basis through an optimisation forum.

Regular feedback is required from the pharmacists to ensure the safety of the patients and the functionality of the medication management program.

How can a pharmacist help me take my meds on time?

A personalised service a pharmacist gives to improve a patient’s health is called a “pharmaceutical care plan”.

Pharmaceutical care is a team effort between the pharmacist and the doctor to promote the patient’s health.

Your pharmacist can:

  • Prepare your medication dosage system (MDS) packs on a weekly basis to include only current medications
  • With regular refills, the pharmacist can closely monitor your medication usage
  • Deliver the medicines through their licensed platform to avoid any errors in the treatment’s safety
  • Protect the medication in convenient weekly or monthly packs to help you never forget to take your medicine
  • Provide you with individualised services to help improve your quality of life.

medication management near me in Leicester

How can I keep track of all my repeats in Leicester?

You can keep track of your medicines by using weekly blister packs.

Each “weekly blister pack” is divided into seven sections for each day of the week. On the top of each section, the days are listed.

Each compartment contains medications that must be taken at a specified time. As a result, weekly packs are an excellent at-a-glance visual tool for determining whether you’ve taken your medicines.

Another advantage of using these packs is that they limit the amount of unwanted medication packaging in your home. Furthermore, you would not have to collect each medication at separate times. As a result, you will save not only time but also a lot of effort.

Moreover, MDS packs provide a monitoring system for patients’ medication adherence levels.

Who could benefit from a medication management system?

  • Those who take large quantities of different medications.
  • Patients who find it hard to remember what to take and when to take it.
  • Individuals with restricted use of their hands, for example, those with arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, or M.S.
  • People with complex medicine regimes who have to take different medications on different days.
  • Those who are partially sighted.

Where can I get medication management near me in Leicester?

Medication management can aid patients in crisis or manage conditions in the long term.

At the Local Pharmacy, we’ll help you manage your meds in a way that’s right for you. 

Our primary goal is always to keep our patient’s health and safety in mind. Get in touch to get your blister packs today:

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This blog post was written on behalf of The Local Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.