stop smoking on the NHS + Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nuneaton

Stop Smoking Successfully With Our Comprehensive Guide

As part of an effort to improve public health, “Stoptober” encourages smokers to give up their nicotine addiction for the entire month of October. You can stop smoking based on the NHS guide within 28 smoke-free days. According to studies, if you can refrain from smoking for 28 days, you have a fivefold better chance of never picking up the habit again.

As a stepping stone towards quitting smoking for good, one of the primary goals of Stoptober is to encourage a nationwide collective effort to abstain from smoking for the entirety of the month of October, which is 28 days.

stop smoking on the NHS + Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nuneaton

What can you get on the NHS to help you stop smoking?

To aid with quitting smoking and gaining better lung function, download the NHS Quit Smoking app.

The app allows you to:

  • track your progress
  • see how much you’re saving
  • get daily support

If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good!

How effective is the NHS stop smoking service?

Through the NHS stop smoking service, we can help you out with factual information, appropriate counselling, and expert assistance in your local area.
In most cases, you will be given a choice to have a one-on-one consultation with an expert. However, many areas, like Warwickshire, Leicestershire, and Nuneaton, also provide access to drop-in programmes.

Statistics have shown that the first decade of NHS anti-smoking programmes in England has been highly effective. Almost 54.7% of people successfully quit smoking. It is still considered to be amongst the best services the NHS has provided over the past decade.

What can your pharmacist do to help you quit?

Your pharmacist can help you with identifying your needs, developing a tailored strategy to assist you in quitting smoking, and addressing any worries you may have regarding the procedure.

The following are ways in which pharmacists may facilitate your efforts to stop smoking:

  • Different smoking cessation medications (both prescription and non-prescription choices)
  • Managing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Dealing with slips and relapses
  • Coping with stress
  • General strategies to help you stop smoking based on the NHS guide
  • Finding other support networks and resources to help you quit smoking

stop smoking on the NHS + Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Nuneaton

What is included in the stop smoking session through the NHS?

Initial screening will involve a breath test for carbon monoxide, a dangerous byproduct accumulation in your body from cigarette smoke. You may also get the option of several treatments to stop smoking, including:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  • Medication therapy such as Bupropion (Zyban)
  • E-cigarettes
  • Counselling sessions

If you are unable to attend physically, you may be able to participate in sessions through phone or video calls.

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